Integrating VR, AR And AI Into Your Events

So there I was, on the phone to a potential new client who we’d already pitched in to do the AV for, and were awaiting sign off…

And suddenly, out of the blue, she mentioned that she’d received a quote from a different organisation who could provide virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence at events.

‘We’re seriously considering it…’ She said. But it didn’t phase me. And I’ll tell you why. Just by complete chance, 24 hours prior to that phone call (at CONFEX 2018), I had gotten into in-depth conversations with the Directors at organisations who provide the leading virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology for events.

Being the opportunist that I am, and always have been, I used those moments to discuss partnerships with these organisations, and so new relationships were formed. I just didn’t realise at the time how important these moments would become 24 hours later. And, this technology fits in with three of our core values:

With that in mind, I got excited, and after doing quick some research, I was surprised at how little agencies out there offer these services, so it appears that this client has fluked it and got lucky. And the next step for me was obvious. ‘Send us your best final brief, and we’ll price match it.’

VR, AR And AI is extremely powerful for experiential marketing, exhibitions, and for capturing audience imagination and maximising engagement.

At CONFEX 2018, I was more fixated on Janet Street Porter’s hologram, than I was on her! So since partnering up with these TOP global organisations that offer VR, AR and AI, I’d like to announce that from this day onwards, we can now provide these services for your events, and build tailored technology and campaigns to suit your requirements.

We’ll come up with the creative genius, we’ll consult until your bespoke technology is built, and we’ll deliver your event through to perfection.

We’ll help you transform your events and devise concepts that not only send audiences wild, but guarantee innovation and a clear-cut return on investment from the outset.

Understanding how these technologies can benefit you, and how to build concepts around the opportunities is something that at current, a lot of brands lack implementation knowledge of how to do in house. And that’s when we come in.

Get in touch if you’d like to integrate this exciting new technology into your next event, and if you need a partner who understands the full design and implementation cycle, and who can build powerful events from start to finish around this exciting new technology.