Why Are Pop-up Events On The Rise?

Pop-events are a growing trend in the events’ industry, particularly for retail brands, and the reason why – is because there are no limitations with pop-up events: they give brands the amazing opportunity to generate strong PR and social media buzz, and capture new customers (or engage existing ones) through unique experiential moments.

The best thing about pop-up events, is that you’re not limited to professional venues. You can find your own destination, and host an event where you like (within reason). Some places require planning permission and licenses (particularly if it’s an outdoor event), but with the amount of dormant properties out there, it’s a great avenue to go down.

Some websites even allow you to source unused retail space or empty properties, which opens up a whole avenue of possibilities. Here are our top tips for organising a pop-up event:

Work Out What You’re Trying To Achieve First

It’s all well and good thinking ‘yeah! I’m going to organise a pop-up event!’ But for what reason? Are you trying to capture new customers? Sample some products? Show off your latest invention? Generate some PR and social media buzz? People tend to organise pop-up events because they have a very specific goal. Work out what yours is first.

Location, Location, Location

The success of a pop-up event comes down to the location you choose. If you’re selling high-end fashion, is Wembley the place to go? Probably not. And what is the volume like in that location? These are important things to consider. Base your location around where you think your target audience will be, and where there’s a high volume of people.

Do You Need Permission?

If you’re hosting an event in the middle of Leicester Square, you’re going to need approval from the local council, and you may need to pay for that permission. There’s also going to be rules and regulations of using the space, and health and safety (and insurance) policies to adhere to, so make sure these don’t dampen down the experience…

Nail Your Concept

Ultimately, it all comes down to how well you’ve thought your concept through, and how well you execute it on the day. If you’re going to go to the hassle of organising an event in a prime location, you have to make it work, because it could affect your brand, otherwise. And you don’t want that, do you?

Getting It Out There

So you’ve spent all that time organising this incredible pop-up event, but you’ve forgotten to promote it on social media, or notify journalists. Use this opportunity to get your followers away from Twitter, and get them involved in what you have to offer, instead, and always invite journalists, because you may end up in the headlines if it’s whacky enough!

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