Why Is Event Management So Stressful?

According to a recent study by CareerCast, event planning has been voted as one of the five most stressful careers…

But why?

The truth is, there is no black and white answer to this, but here are a few reasons:

Excessive Workload And Multiple Projects

Event Managers typically have more work to do than the average employee, and their skill set isn’t silo’d to a particular discipline, such as sales or finance, like most people. They do it all. And 9 times out of 10, they’ll have multiple high-pressure deadlines to meet with excessive workloads and have a hard time juggling it all, and keeping on top of everything.

Lots of Travelling

Event Managers travel all of the country, and globally – visiting venues and meeting suppliers worldwide. Events is a globe-trotting job, where office time is limited, and travel is at an all-time high (unlike most job roles). You’ll normally find Event Managers working in the nearest Starbucks to the venue they’ve just seen, 150 miles from home.

Things Going Wrong

Events always go wrong. People drop out, prices fluctuate, new challenges come along, team members quit, and whilst all this happens, their event just gets nearer and nearer. Event Managers spend most of their time fixing problems and coming up with solutions to problems that arise. Dealing with problems is what we do best!

Under Resourced

Most Event Managers work a three-man job. They manage the budget. They do the sales the marketing. They keep on top of finances. They arrange the event itself. They plan the logistics and run it on the day. They do the market research and the PR. They arrange the hospitality. They’re like an entire company inside one human being!

How To Combat Event Stress

Our Chairman, George Taylor wrote a post on Eventbrite about combating event stress, and it went viral, which suggests that lots of Event Managers suffer with stress in one form or another. Read it here. The post explores different ways you can reduce stress as an Event Manager, and get your health, mind, focus and happiness back.

Use LS4 Events

If you want to avoid the stresses that come with organising events, let us do it for you. We’re stress combating masters, and we love taking on new challenges and helping businesses have an easier time with their event projects. Our team, expertise and structure means you can focus on other things, while we do what we do best. Get in touch.