The Best Way To Advertise Your Events

Advertising is a powerful way to get your event out there and generate sales, but only if you get it right, otherwise your money will end up down the drain! Here are the best ways to advertise your events, generate good sales for your budget, and develop a strong, trackable ROI that lets you know where your sales are coming from:

Identify The Correct Platforms

Never advertise ice to an eskimo. Do some market research, and find out what publications and websites your target customer reads. Sometimes this is obvious if it’s a niche interest, but not always – which is why it’s worth asking the question. If your business is niche, locate professional bodies, publications and websites in that sector.

To elaborate, when I launched ‘Breakthrough in Fashion,’ a successful yearly conference for fashion designers, I wanted to know where fashion designers hung out, so I approached Universities, fashion design networks, meetups, fashion industry news sites, and Facebook groups. I identified as many ways as possible to reach my target audience online.

Ask For Stats

If you’re approaching a publication, a website or a professional body, always ask for their readership and database size. If they have 100 subscribers, and a 1000 hits a month, you’re probably not going to gain much traction, and therefore – there isn’t much point asking for an advertising rate card.

Test Them First

Ask for a free one-day trial, or a trial affiliate campaign to test their advertising strength. Don’t just call up and schedule 5K’s worth of advertising spend, because you could be wasting your money. Test these platforms first, and then advertise on the ones that bring you the most sales. This’ll give you a better ROI straight away.

Use Multiple Forms Of Ad

Try every advertising option available to you. Try the banner ad option. Try the newsletter feature option, and an advertorial feature. See what works best. Sometimes, banners will work well on one website, but not on another. And other times, it’s the perfect combination of different mediums that creates success.

Be Sure To Include Links And Discounts

Always create and include discount codes or tracking links, otherwise how else will you track where your sales are coming from? Google Analytics UTM codes can help, but tracking links and discount codes are far easier to use and understand, and there is less analytical thinking required. Give it a shot!

Frequently Change Your Content

If your event isn’t taking place for a year, keep updating your ads, because over time, the ‘bite’ will wear off. Keep your ads fresh and engaging, because this will ensure your advertising is consistent throughout the year on sales, and it’ll keep grab people’s attention. In some cases, ad 1 may not work on some people, but ad 2 will seal the deal.

Let Us Do It For You

We’re event marketing and advertising experts. We’ll help you to identity the best ways to sell tickets to your event. We’ll pitch for trials, and we’ll spend your advertising budget wisely. We’ll help you to sell your event out, and we’ll achieve an outstanding ROI, which you won’t get anywhere else. Get in touch.