The 101 Copywriting Guide For Your Event Page

So you’ve just spent extortions on advertising, and although your emails to your database have gained a high open rate, you haven’t sold any tickets. What now? When I first started out in the events’ industry, I had this problem a few times, but I learned from my mistakes, and I was able to ensure that from that point onwards, all of my events were successful…

Successful event page copywriting comes down to three basic foundations:

  1. Is Your Event Any Good?

  2. Is There A Demand For It?

  3. Have You Conveyed Your Message Properly?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how good your copy is. If your event sucks, or there’s no market for it, it won’t sell regardless. So the key is to make sure that you’ve done your market research properly, validated your market, refined your event offering around what your customer wants, and then built a powerful message to make people want to come.

An Example

Let’s say you want to launch a conference for food business owners. Firstly, you’ll need to get in touch with as many food business owners as possible, which you can do either manually, pay a market research company, or team up with some publications to help you gather your required information.

Firstly, what do people actually want from such an event? And how much would they be willing to pay? And how many food business owners are there in your demographic? If you’ve established that there is a market for your event, and you’ve built your concept around what they want, then the next stage is to write your copy in a way that bites.

The Copy

The best way to do this, is to keep your event page as short and as fluent as possible. It needs to read quick, clear and easily. Always start with a short summary at the top: x event is x, y, and z, for x, y and z (who the event is ideal for).

Let people know what they can expect straight away, and then expand on it, but keep it short and sweet with bolded titles (see below for some examples).

What You Can Expect

We’ll do x, y and z, and the event will ensure you get x, y and z.

What You’ll Get

  • Insider Knowledge

  • Discounts

  • Networking Opportunities

Always explain the benefits of attending, and use the ‘problem-solution’ approach. List the problem (which they’ll know anyway, and you should too if you’ve done your market research properly), and tell them how your event will solve that problem in simple terms. Make it black and white.

‘Food industry buyers are extremely difficult to get hold of, but at our event, we’re bringing them straight to your doorstep…’

And use convincing, persuasive text to round off what you’re saying such as ‘this is the only event of it’s kind that will give you x.’ ‘Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you get one now to avoid missing out…’ ‘Don’t miss out on this lifechanging opportunity to meet those contacts who will change your business forever.’

Rely on call-to-actions throughout your piece to push people towards wanting to buy a ticket. They should be able to read this in 2-3 minutes, and any reservations should be pre-empted and explained properly to overcome any doubt about buying a ticket. Make buying a ticket their default choice, and use bold and italics to break your text up.

Here is some copy from one of my events which sold out very quickly (to demonstrate what I mean):

Breakthrough in Fashion, March 2016

Creative Industry Hub is holding ‘Breakthrough in Fashion,’ a one day all-you-need-to-know conference for fashion designers, sponsored by Fashion United, i.LEVEL Software and FASHIONbasecamp (it says who’s organising it, what it is, and who it’s for).

We built ‘Breakthrough in Fashion’ specifically to support and educate independent fashion designers. If you’re a designer who is looking to build a successful fashion brand, our event will educate and equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to break through as an independent designer (it tell people what they’ll get out of it)

For our next event at Central Working in Whitechapel, London on 21st March 2016, we’ve invited some of Britain’s top fashion experts to inform and educate you through a carefully selected range of workshops including PR, Marketing, eCommerce, Manufacturing & Distribution, Trend Forecasting, Building Retail Environments, Blogging, the Buying Process, and more.

Whether you’re a fashion design graduate, an emerging designer who is looking to set up their own brand, or an established designer who’s already had a head start in the industry, as long as you have a passion for improving your success as a fashion designer, this is the event for you.

We’ll also have a dedicated networking-breakout room so you can network with your peers and make those all-important connections, as well as meet our expert guest speakers. We’ve confirmed:

Nigel Oddy (CEO, House of Fraser): ‘Building Success and Growth in Fashion Retail’

Paul Costelloe (Fashion Designer) ‘The Story of a Successful Fashion Designer’

Michael Sheridan (CEO, Sheridan & Co): ‘Designing A Captivating Retail Environment’

Lauretta Roberts (Director of Brand and Propositions at WGSN/Managing Director and Editor in Chief at The Industry): ‘Keeping Up With The Latest Fashion Trends’

Shailina Parti (Buying and Merchandising Director at Jigsaw UK) ‘What Fashion Buyers Look For, And How To Approach Them’

Valérie Eldenmalm (Ecommerce Expert/Former Chief Digital Officer at a Leading Luxury Fashion House, and Former Buying Director Ecommerce at Ralph Lauren) ‘How To Maximise Sales On Your Website And Build Effective Ecommerce Strategies’

Laetitia Wajnapel (Founder/Blogger at Mademoiselle Robot): ‘Creating A Successful Online Story’

Kate Hills (Managing Director at Make It British/Meet the Manufacturer): ‘From Design to Production: How to Work With UK Manufacturers’

Araminta Sheridan (Founder at Araminta Marketing): ‘How To Market Your Fashion Brand Effectively’

Alex Babahmadi (PR Manager at Amanda Wakeley): ‘Importance of Strategic PR to Garner Great Press Coverage’

Tamsin Lejeune (CEO at Ethical Fashion Forum and ‘Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion’

NOTE: Tickets are selling very quickly, and we only have a few left, so make sure you get yours now (urgency statement and call to action).

If you need a hand writing your event page copy, we’re experts at writing event copy that sells events out. Get in touch.