How To Win Good Event Editorial And PR

The key to getting your event out there in front of your target audience in volume is to secure good editorial coverage for your event on websites and magazines that appeal to your target market. It’s free, you don’t need a PR agency or a PR consultant to do it, and you’ll be surprised how powerful it can be.

However, don’t underestimate the power of PR agencies, and PR consultants, because having an extra pair of hands who are experts in the field of securing your brand or event coverage can work wonders, but if you don’t have the budget for it, here are the best ways to secure good coverage by yourself:

Become Friends With The Reporters And Editors

People buy from people. And the one thing that a PR agency or PR consultant has that you don’t have (at least for now), is that they’ll be on good terms with the editors and the journalists of their client’s target websites and magazines, meaning that their press releases will go straight to the top of the pile.

But you can create the same situation for free. Take time getting to know the editors and the reporters of your target websites and magazines, and build rapport over time. When you do eventually have a news story, the likelihood of them reading it will increase, because they’ll know you personally.

When I ran my last business, Creative Industry Hub, I became friends with all of the music industry and fashion industry editors. This meant that I could have my event published on multiple websites within 24 hours. Editors mostly publish stories for people they trust and know well, so take time getting to know them, as it will work to your advantage.

Pitch For Media Partnerships

Ask the publishers if they’d be interested in giving you editorial and advertising coverage in exchange for commissions per ticket sale (through discount codes). This’ll give them an incentive to publish your events, especially if you mention their brand name on the event page, and include them in the event banner (a bit like a digital sponsorship).

Get Publications Involved

And if that doesn’t work, ask if they’d like to get involved. Would they like a VIP ticket? Would they like to speak at the event? Give them free sponsorship if you have to. Do anything to get their attention, or do them a favour, and they will most certainly reciprocate when the time is right…

Write Eye-Grabbing Copy

It’s all about the story and how you convey it. Write headlines and content that will grab their attention and leave an impact. Journalists and editors receive hundreds of stories a day. Make sure yours cut through to the top of their ‘publish’ list. If you need to hire a professional to write your press release, do it. Some things are worth spending money on.

Pick Up The Phone

Get on the phone and have a chat. Keep in touch. Invite them for a coffee. Invite them to an event. Turn up at their office and take them out for lunch when they’re not expecting it. If all of your other methods aren’t working, find unique ways to get their attention. Follow them on Twitter and go to events where you know they’ll be there.

Let Us Do It For You

PR is a ‘who you know game,’ so become the person that they know.

Or, alternatively, let us do it for you.

We’re good friends with Cision Gorkana, Fashion And Beauty Monitor, Fashion And Beauty Insight, Diary Directory, and with a lot of publishing houses.

We’ve got partnerships with some of the most reputable PR agencies in Leeds and London. Our strategical knowledge, our contacts, and their expertise will guarantee your event good coverage.

Get in touch.