How To Utilise Email Marketing For Your Events

Email marketing is still, to this day – the highest performing digital marketing medium out there. In my last business, Creative Industry Hub, it’s fair to say that most of my ticket sales came from marketing emails sent out to our own database, and to partner databases. So what is the best way to market your events via email? Here are our top tips:

Grow Your Database

Before you can do email marketing, you’ll need a database! This is why content marketing is so powerful. Lure readers in through frequent value-adding blogs (like we’re doing with you right now), and encourage readers to sign up to your newsletter, by adding a ‘subscribe’ widget to your website.

And don’t forget: Every time you speak to a potential new prospect, add them to your database for email communications…

Market Research

Use your contacts wisely. If you’re launching a new event, send an email out to your database asking for feedback. That feedback will help you to create an event that is not only priced correctly, but gives your customer what they want, so that your email marketing efforts become more effective (assuming you’ve proved that there is a need for your event).

Always Have Your Work Proofed

Once you’ve completed your initial email draft, always pass it to a colleague or a friend to proof read it. You’ll be surprised how immune we are to seeing our own writing mistakes, and sometimes, having a second, or even a third eye on our work can tighten it up and make it even better.

Less Is More

I personally aren’t a fan of newsletters. I never read them, and I certainly never send them out. I find that they drown out your really important emails. For me, less is more. I only send emails out when I really need to, and when I have a new event coming up, because I have found that my open rates are much higher if I use this strategy.

Offer A Discount

If you’re charging for tickets, offer a discount to your database, because this will enhance the effectiveness of your email. People love a bargain, and if your discount is expiring in 24 hours, they’ll jump at the opportunity to buy, which will do wonders for your ticket sales, and your email marketing.

Push For Partner Emails

Use growth hacking and affiliate marketing. Pitch for media partnerships (professional bodies and publications) in your target demographic where their email database is large, and ask them to send out an email for you, and offer them a trackable unique discount code, where you’ll pay them a 10-40% commission per sale.

This will attract new customers, sell tickets in volume, and add new emails to your database ready for your own internal communications in the future, as well as other benefits, such as increased social followings. If you can push for social media posts and editorial with backlinks too, this powerful strategy will drive your business forward.

Let Us Do It For You

We’re experts at identifying and pitching for major commercial event partnerships, and we’re well equipped to plan and create your event email communication strategy. Save yourself the hassle, and let our expertise support you in your event success. Get in touch.