How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Events

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to build your event brand, grow your audience and sell tickets. But what is the best way to use it? With millions of events being posted on social media – worldwide every year, there is a lot of noise, so knowing how to cut through is key. Here are our top event marketing tips for social media:

Use Other Sources To Grow Your Social Channels

Firstly, to be successful at social media, you’ll need an audience. Find ways to attract followers and likes. Get your friends, professional bodies, authority figures or media websites to share your page out to gain traction. Use hashtags. Spend money on advertising, and include your social widgets in emails, and on your website.

Provide Value-Adding Content

Work out what your customers want to read about and write blog content based around that. If you do this properly, you’ll build a loyal audience who will respond better to your sales-based posts, and you may even get retweets and enhance your engagement if you nail your content marketing strategy, so give people what they want.

Don’t Try And Sell All The Time

There’s nothing worse than a Twitter profile that posts ‘buy this now’ over and over again. Mix it up. Use the point above, and schedule other engaging posts that grabs your audience, makes them laugh, educates them, adds value and gets them interacting with what you do. This’ll make your sales posts even more powerful…

Team Up With Social Partners

Get other people involved in what you do (media partners). Agree to share and retweet other people’s posts, because they’ll do it for you, too – which will expand your reach and help you to gain a bigger audience and generate more sales, web traffic and newsletter sign ups (the good stuff).

Event Social Proof

Post your successes. Shout about that time you won an impressive new client, or that time you confirmed an amazing celebrity speaker, or secured some press coverage. This will add some status to what you do, and people will take your posts more seriously. You’ll be surprised how powerful social status is.

Speak To Your Customers

When people buy tickets, ask for their LinkedIn and Twitter handles. Connect with them. Tweet them. Retweet them. Like and comment on their posts. This’ll engage your customer, make them feel valued and drive your brand, sales and retweets by tenfold. Always engage!

Run Competitions

Run competitions to engage your current audience, and to build new fans. People like winning things, and they love a freebie. Competitions get people excited and help your posts to go viral. Always give free tickets to every event. This is a powerful way to generate some buzz online…

Offer Discounts

Offer exclusive discounts to your audience, and use urgency statements to encourage impulsive buying. This will make your sales posts much more effective, and you’ll be able to track your sales with discount codes, which will inform you of how well your social media is performing as a whole.

Good luck!