How To Source And Manage Event Suppliers

So you’ve nailed your event concept, you’ve worked out what budget you have, but now you need to source a high volume of event suppliers to fit in with your budget. How do you go about it? How do you keep on top of everything, and how do you meet your requirements for the right price? Here are our top tips:

Build A Price Comparison Database

Always look for 5-10 suppliers of each category in your required region and send a generic email out to all of those contacts to get an estimate price, and go for the lowest price – however, this doesn’t always apply, because in some cases, you get what you pay for, and this applies particularly for catering and entertainment.

So with that in mind, work out what is more important as far as quality as concerned, and go higher in price if you have to.

Work Out What Needs To Go

If you go over budget, you may have to ditch one or two non-essential items to fit in with your budget. Work out what they are, or if there is a cheaper alternative, or a better way to do things. But don’t overdo it, otherwise it’ll devalue your experience and wreck the event. Prioritise first!

Negotiate And Drive The Price Down

Always try to drive the price of services down to free up budget for other things. Never settle on the price that is given to you at first. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save if you drive the price of services down, and this will give you room to buy other things that will add value to your event.

See How You Can Reduce Costs

Be creative and see if there is a cheaper way of doing things to reduce costs. So for example, do you really need to hire a full bar service? Or would it be cheaper to buy the drinks in at wholesale and hire a couple of bar staff in? Again, be careful with this, because the problem with doing everything makeshift, is that it requires much more planning, and is more prone to errors.

Ditch The Delivery Costs

If you drive, it may be easier to go and pick up things you have hired. Some delivery costs can be over £100, so if you can get it done cheaper on fuel, do it. Especially if you’re hiring multiple services that are in a similar area. Know anybody with a van? Hiring one may be cheaper!

Online Shopping

If you’re buying decorations such as candle holders, etc, always look on ebay and Amazon, because if you can find high quality second hand items, it’ll save you an arm and a leg. But be careful, because if they are scratched, it may dampen the visual quality of your event. Use your brain on this one!

Let Us Do It For You

Or, save yourself the hassle, and let us do it for you. Because of the volume of services we order from selected suppliers every year, we get preferential discounts, which means your money goes further. And, you’ll get a better nights’ sleep, knowing that your event requirements are covered by the experts who do it best.

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