How To Achieve Strong Event Customer Satisfaction

How many times have you spent money on an event, only to walk out feeling dissatisfied? It’s happened to me quite a few times, but luckily, I learned from my mistakes early on in my event career, and because of that, I’ve worked out how to organise events that put the customer first, and achieve a high level of satisfaction, making them want to come back.

So how do I do it? And how can you do it, too?

Market Research

Firstly, before you even consider holding an event, always do your market research. Speak to your potential customer in high volume, and ask what they’d want from such an event, and then deliver on it. If you over-promise and under-deliver, or give them something that they don’t want, they’ll walk out feeling hard done by. Not good.

Nail Your Logistics On The Day

Always nail your logistics. Run through your event in your head a few times, and iron out every single aspect, because smooth organisation = happy customers. There’s nothing worse than a badly organised event. Your customer comes first, so be professional and put on an experience that they won’t forget…

Meet And Greet Your Attendees

And make sure that there is always someone to greet your customers in a friendly manner on the door, because it’ll make them feel welcome and set a good impression and tone for the day. Show them where the toilets are. Offer them a drink. Offer to hang their coat up. Chat to them during the networking breaks. Make them feel welcome and valued.

Ask If You Can Help

If people are looking shy or lost, ask if you can help. Is there something bothering them? If so, be sure to find out what it is and deal with it. Don’t leave any of your customers behind. Make sure that their needs are met, and do your best to maximise their enjoyment, because not enough people do this at events, and it makes a huge difference.

Send A Survey Out After The Event

Once your event has passed, send a survey out asking how you can improve it for next year, and deliver on their feedback. People like knowing that their suggestions have been implemented, and if you give people what they want and make an effort at getting better at what you do, your customer will appreciate it.

Get In Touch

If you’d like us to organise your next event for you, we’re experts when it comes to delegate and attendee satisfaction. We’ll take that weight off your shoulders and organise a memorable, impactful event that speaks volumes and makes your customers want to come back time, and time again. Get in touch.