How to Work To Strict Event Budgets

When I first started out in the events’ industry in 2012-2013, I immediately started my own business because I wanted to do things my own way, and I believed that I could do it better.

The implication however, was that I had no start-up capital or event budget to work with, which meant that I had to think outside the box and find workarounds. Luckily, I managed to get by and find a way.

In those early days, this involved striking up media partnerships (affiliate, social media and PR partnerships) with major media companies and professional bodies/networks to market our events to large audiences – without having to spend out on advertising money up front, which I just didn’t have. It also meant finding speakers to talk for free, and finding free venues.

It was during those early days that I became ‘lean’ when it came to getting the best out of my money. As my business grew, I had money to start investing back into our events, but it wasn’t a lot, so I had to get good at shopping around for bargains, driving the cost of our suppliers down and finding ‘outside-the-box’ workarounds.

I even managed to persuade celebrities and people from Dragon’s Den to speak at our events for free, and major publications to give us free advertising. My negotiation skills were at an all-time high, and I realised that I could sell ‘ice to the Eskimo.’

When it comes to working with clients either with a strict, or a generous budget, my ethos hasn’t changed. I want to squeeze as much in as I can.

I want to ensure that our clients are not only getting exceptional value for their money, but that we’re delivering a service they can’t elsewhere – or by doing it in house. And that is why we’re here. We do what you can’t do for a price that you won’t get elsewhere. And don’t be fooled into believing that we’re cheapskates, or that the quality will go down along with it, because it won’t.

And this confidence all starts with our knowledge, contacts and experience. Not only do we know what prices to pitch at for services, but we know where to get the best deals from, and our relationships ensure that we’ll get things for cheaper than you can get in house – all without a loss in service or delivery quality.

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