How to Pick the Right Content For Your Event

Over the past few years (prior to launching LS4 Events), I ran dozens upon dozens of large networking events, conferences and workshops in the music, fashion, blogging/vlogging (influencers), film and TV, and art industries in London, and one thing that kept me on my toes was making sure that each event stayed fresh through the content we included.

If we were doing a large networking event, how could we pick a topic (or topics) that weren’t covered last time, but were still relevant to a large percentage of the audience? And how could we carefully select the right speakers to cover those topics? If we were holding a conference, how could we ensure that we were covering the right topics to please the audience and add value to each event?

How could we ensure that our topics made us stand out from the competition? AND, how could we ensure that we’d pick the best speakers in the industry to cover those topics?

The answer was simple. We did our homework. In the early days (back in 2013), I had no prior understanding of the fashion industry, but through doing the initial market research, I picked it up, and in time, I became an expert. It got easier every time we did an event, because my knowledge and my contacts grew.

The music industry was always easier, because I’ve been a musician since I was 13, however, as the industry is so fast moving and there are so many people doing music industry events, I had to make sure that the topics we covered were in high demand and ahead of the game, and find the right speakers to cover those topics.

And the best way of doing that was to ask our customers, and get them to pick their top ten topics, and then we’d do our research (if we didn’t know already) to find out who was the most well-known, knowledgeable and high profile to cover that topic.

So for example, Benji from PledgeMusic was the first person to start talking about blockchain in the music industry seriously. But he’s also hugely reputable because he is the Founder of PledgeMusic, the world’s biggest (and only) B2F (band-to-fan) site which has crowd-funded giants such as Slash from Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Our ethos is start at the top and work down, because I’ve always found that conference producers tend to either randomly pick people just for the sake of filling a slot, or they go with the easiest option. How many times have you been to a conference with irrelevant topics, and speakers you’ve never heard of? And what use has that got to you?

At LS4 Events, we are adamant that if we’re working with a client who wants/needs a conference produced, we’ll do our homework and become experts in their field and implement proven strategies to ensure that you’re at the top of the content game, and we’ll pick the best speakers in your industry, even if they’re hard to get.

And that is what makes us experts. If you need a conference produced, and you want to be the best in your industry, get in touch. We’ll show you what we’re capable of.