How To Launch A New Event

Launching a brand new event into the marketplace is tough.

That’s because the event industry is becoming increasingly more competitive every year. How do we distinguish ourselves? How do we sell those tickets, secure sponsorship and create an event that not only achieves it’s goals, but makes a profit and satisfies delegates to the point where they want to come back next year? And… how do we scale up next time?

Our Chairman, George Taylor is an expert when it comes to launching and growing successful new event ventures from scratch. He’s launched multiple successful events from nothing and turned them into a profit since 2013. And he’s built reputable event brands; some of which have gone on to become market leaders in their respected fields for years to come with consistent growth and repeat business…

Here are our top tips on how to launch a new event:

Do Your Homework

Never organise an event, slam a ticket price on it, put it up on Eventbrite and expect people to buy tickets. Instead, always reach out to your potential customer first, ask for their opinions on pricing, concept and how you can improve your event and go from there (if there’s a demand for your event).

Build Your Event Around Your Market Research

Then, base your event around that market research. If x customer says ‘I’m not interested in this particular feature, but I’d like there to be y,’ consider it. If they say that the most they’d be willing to pay for a ticket is £50, consider it. Ultimately, your goal should be to build your concept around what your potential customer wants.

Get Your Concept Right

And get your concept right. Don’t make it wishy washy. Make it clear, concise, easy-to-understand, and ensure that you explain it on your event page. Clearly explain why your potential customer should attend, what they’ll get out of it, and why it’s a no brainer buying a ticket.

Nail Your Marketing

Make sure your marketing does the same. Build every email, PPC, social media and ed/advertorial message around that event page offering to create consistency in your brand marketing and to make sure that you increase your chances of conversion. You’ll need a strategy before you begin to avoid any nasty lack-of-sale surprises.


Nail your logistics. Hire an expert if you have to. Map it out on paper. Run through it a million times in your head until you understand exactly how you are going to run it as smoothly and as professionally as possible. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many tickets you sell if your event is a shambles. They’ll want a refund, and they won’t come back.

Ask For Feedback

Always send a survey out to your attendees after with a request for feedback. Don’t just assume it went really well. Let your customer tell you how well (or bad) it went, and ask for feedback. This is one of the most valuable assets you have. Use it! Your customer is always right, and they’re the dictators of their own money so make them want to spend it.

Do It Again, But Bigger And Better

Integrate that feedback into your next event, and make your customers aware that you have done so, because they’ll appreciate it, and, they’ll come back. You could even sell early birds once you have convinced your customer that their feedback went into the mix. Don’t waste that incredible opportunity to make your event better, and more desireable.

Launching a brand new event and want to increase your chances of success? Get in touch, and see for yourself how we can help you succeed.