Fatal Errors to Avoid In Event Planning

Event Planning looks simple and easy-to-do from the outside, but when people embark on event management as a career, they quickly realise that it’s far more complex and stressful than they’d ever imagined, with difficult-to-achieve standards.

With that in mind, what errors and pitfalls should budding Event Managers, or even the more experienced Event Managers avoid when it comes to organising events? Here are our top ‘fatal errors to avoid:’

Always Have Backups

Never rely on anyone. Always have backups. Your venue could drop out a week before your event, and so could your headline speaker. Or, your advertising strategy might not work. If so, what is your backup plan? This is why you should always have a plan b in place to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you’ll have backs up to avoid every possible disaster.

Keep Ticketing Online

The problem with selling tickets on the door, is how are you going to track your success? Do you know how many people will turn up on the day? The answer is no. With online ticketing, you can generate quick sales through urgency campaigns, such as ‘early bird’ tickets or exclusive 24-hour discounts, and, you’ll be able to track your ticket sales.

Don’t Spend Until You’re Selling

If your suppliers (venues, catering companies, etc) require an upfront deposit to secure their service, always ride out that initial payment for as long as you can, because this’ll give you time to sell some tickets and generate some cash flow that you can invest back in to your event.

The last thing you want to do is book all the required services, only to find out that your event isn’t selling, and then lose all of your deposits. It’s not a nice feeling, I can assure you.

Test Your Advertising First

Test your advertising through media partnerships (commission-per-sale with a discount code) first, because then you’ll have data which you can use to inform your marketing decisions later on. This beats spending £5-10K for an advertorial – only to find out that your chosen advertiser hasn’t brought any traction through. That’s money down the drain.

Have A USP

Thinking of starting yet another networking event or business motivation seminar? Everyone is doing it. The market is so over-saturated with these types of events that there’s too much choice, and people have gotten bored of them. You must come up with a unique idea that doesn’t exist, and one that will grab people’s attention.

Do Your Homework

Always do your market research beforehand. How big is your potential market? How much would people be willing to pay? What do they want to happen at your event? You should always build your event concept and pricing around what your potential customer wants. Not doing this will hugely increase your chances of failure.

Maintain Control Through Contracts

Never let other people steal your show by failing to write contracts, because some people will try and hijack your event and claim it as their own. The key is to maintain control by ensuring that you keep your own data and have backups in case you need to drop any event ‘sharks’ and find more reliable, ethical people to work with.

Know Your Numbers

Be sure to correctly do your budgeting and forecasting. Is this event venture financially viable? Is it financially worth the hassle? You may put a lot of work in to find out that your potential profit margin is low. It’s best to make sure that you know your event numbers long before you start working on it.

Ask For Feedback

Always send a survey out to your customers after the event, because their feedback will be invaluable if you decide to do this event again, and you’ll be able to alter your concept, content and pricing to up your game the following time. If you leave a ‘comment’ section in you survey, you can take the good ones out for testimonials.

Nail Your Concept And Logistics

Always make sure you nail your logistics. It’s all well and good successfully selling out an event, but will people actually enjoy it when they turn up? Will it give them what they want? How well organised is it? There’s nothing worse than paying to go to an event, only to be disappointed and ask for your money back, so get it right.

If you’re struggling with your event planning and you want to get it right, get in touch. We’re experts at all things event planning, and we’ll show you how we can help you.