Event Planning: How To Do It

Event planning is tough.

And that’s because there are so many different things to consider, and get right under strict time frames, which is why in order to be a successful event organiser, you’ll need to be highly organised, an all-rounder (but not a jack of all trades), and be willing to get stuck in, get your hands dirty, and get the job done quickly, and to a high standard.

Here are our top ‘things to consider’ when organising an event:


Every event needs a location, whether that be at a pop-up retail space, a hotel or a professional meeting/conference space, or at your office. The key is to find somewhere that fully suits your requirements, and if possible – one that includes all your required features (chairs, AV equipment, etc), and fits within your budget.


What are you going to name your event? And what will your event banner look like? Who’s designing it? How are you going to explain your event to customers in a way that makes them want to come? How are you going to build the brand of your event, or use an event to build your brand? These are all important things to consider.


What will your event include? If it’s a music festival, who’s playing? If it’s a conference, who’s speaking? A large part of event planning and creating event success is making sure that you have the right people that will add value to your event, making potential customers want to attend. Getting your features right will ensure that you sell tickets.

Build A Team

Who’s in charge of what? And how are you going to delegate tasks successfully and follow up to make sure that everyone is sticking to their timeframes and knows what they’re doing? Who is going to run the logistics on the day, and what does that look like? If you’re organising a big event, getting the right team is crucial. You can’t do it all…


What budget do you have, and is your ticket and/or sponsorship price going to ensure that you make a profit? How are you going to find all of the relevant services at the right price and fit them into that budget? How are you going to make sure that your event delivers a clear ROI by achieving whatever goals you have? Every event needs a goal. What is yours?

Market Research

Have you spoken to your potential customer in volume to establish if there is a demand for your event? How much would they be willing to pay? What should you include in your event to meet their requirements? What do they feel you have missed that you should add? Are you basing your event around your requirements or theirs?

Failing to do your market research and implement it into your event is a risky situation to be in, so make sure you don’t fall into that trap.


How are you going to get your event out there? Telesales? PR? Social media? Advertising? Media partnerships? Ultimately, if you haven’t worked out how you’re going to sell your event and devised a clear strategy on how to sell tickets, then you may be dissappointed when you put it out on sale, only to find that no sales come in. #notgood


And how are you going to run your event on the day and make sure that the event itself is of a high standard, and will satisfy your delegates? And who’s taking care of that? We suggest mapping this out and doing visual run throughs until you know exactly how this thing is going to pan out on the day to avoid any nasty surprises.

To Conclude

There are more things to consider, but these are the obvious ones. There’s a lot to think about, and if you’d rather save yourself the hassle, at LS4 Events, we’re experts at all things event planning, and we get the job done quickly, to a high standard, and for a good price, and we know where to get the best deals from. Get in touch.